March 2014

Blue Reviews EXTRA! March 2014

By: Anthony Dias Blue

I recently attended a tasting of Barolos from Vias Imports, featuring the highly impressive wines of Ca'Viola, Damilano and Pecchenino. My notes are below. For more information on these wines and the people behind them, visit the Vias Imports website at — Anthony Dias Blue

92 Ca'Viola 2009 Barolo Sottocastello ($78)
Tannic elegant and racy; juicy, silky, long and rich; earth + mocha.

91 Ca'Viola 2008 Barolo Sottocastello ($78)

Edgy, tight, and tangy; tannic, pure and racy.

92 Ca'Viola 2007 Barolo Sottocastello ($78)

Lush, tangy, juicy and tannic; smooth, silky and spicy with floral notes; long and fresh.

95 Damilano 2009 Barolo Brunate ($87)

Lush and rich; broad and deep with balsam; elegant and pure filled with fruit and sweet plum.

95 Damilano 2008 Barolo Cannubi ($100)

Lush and meaty with broad berry and plum flavors; elegant and showing minerals; spicy and racy acidity; long and balanced.

96 Damilano 2009 Barolo Cannubi ($100)

Smooth, rich, elegant with plum, cherries, and minerals; spicy, long, and pure.

94 Damilano 2010 Barolo Cannubi ($TBA)

Tar and roses; smooth and lush with cherry plum mocha and licorice; elegant, juicy, and complex; deep and long.

94 Damilano 2009 Barolo Cerequio ($91)

Dense and lush; ripe and juicy with smooth texture and minerals; soft, pure, and spicy.

93 Damilano 2008 Barolo Liste ($95)

Earthy nose; silky, dense, and ripe; long, rich, and balanced; spicy with deep chocolate notes; needs time.

93 Damilano 2007 Barolo Liste ($95)

Lush, rich, smooth and deep with minerals; long and dense.

93 Pecchenino 2012 Barolo Bussia ($TBA)

Rasberry nose; smooth, juicy, ripe, and tasty; long and elegant.

91 Pecchenino 2008 Barolo LeCoste ($75)

Dense and meaty; rich and tannic; lush, long, and spicy.

91 Pecchenino 2009 Barolo LeCoste ($80)

Bright, plum, and color; juicy, ripe, and balanced.

92 Pecchenino 2010 Barolo LeCoste ($TBA)

Dense, rich, and earthy; showing tannins; long and balanced

92 Pecchenino 2009 Barolo San Giuseppe ($69)

Smooth, lush and deep with silky textures; good balance.

94 Pecchenino 2010 Barolo San Giuseppe ($69)

Earthy, dense, and full of mineral; juicy, spicy, and long; aromatic, complex and balanced.

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