May 2013

AnestasiA "Sensational Spirits" Vodka: Millennial Masterpiece

By: Robert Plotkin

It's practically impossible not to stare at AnestasiA Vodka ($39) on the shelf. Its attention-grabbing, Italian glass bottle, created by New York industrial designer Karim Rashid, is riveting and does a commendable job creating anticipation for the premium vodka it contains.

AnestasiA Vodka is produced in Bend, Oregon from organic, locally grown corn and spring water drawn from the Cascade Mountains. The ingredients are fermented and distilled five times. To ensure essential purity, the naturally gluten-free vodka is rigorously filtered through charcoal and crushed volcanic rock before being bottled at 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof).

The clean, crisp neutral vodka has one unexpected twist. Its mouthfeel has a light, yet easily discernible spritz, created by infusion with botanicals that produce a bouquet reminiscent of mentha, vanilla orchid, black cardamom and pepper cloves. The light tingle on the tongue is quite pleasant and adds to the overall experience.
AnesatiA's neutrality makes it ideally suited for use in crafting cocktails, as well as serving neat with a slight chill. Millennials will also appreciate the brand's packaging is all produced with recycled materials.

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