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THE TASTING PANEL's Editor-in-Chief, Anthony Dias Blue, is the recipient of a 2001 James Beard Foundation Award as well as the 1997 Communicator of the Year Award from the prestigious International Wine & Spirits Competition in London. He is one of the most influential food and wine personalities in the United States. His work in various media is circulated to more than 30 million global consumers each month. He can be found in print periodicals, on radio, in bookstores and in cyberspace.


For more than two decades, Anthony was associated with Bon Appétit, the largest circulation food publication in the United States, his influential consumer-oriented "Blue Lifestyle Minute" radio program is broadcast several times each weekday on WCBS New York and KABC Los Angeles.


Anthony Dias Blue is Executive Director of the San Francisco International Wine Competition, the nation's largest and most prestigious wine judging event, and is also the founding Director of its sister event, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


In April of 2007, Anthony Dias Blue joined forces with Meridith May to purchase and rebrand THE TASTING PANEL as a nationwide beverage industry publication.

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Published: 30-May-2012

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In the Pink

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An Interview with Gary Farrell: A Russian River Master

Published: 20-Dec-2011
I recently interviewed Gary Farrell, one of California's most respected winemakers. Farrell's new label, Alysian, is a well-kept secret-small lots of impeccably made Russian River Valley Pinot Noir ...

A Rich Italian Legacy

Published: 9-Aug-2011
WHILE CELEBRATING THE CULTURE OF ITALY, AMARO MONTENEGRO BRINGS VERVE TO COCKTAILS The mere mention of Italy usually conjures images of lush rolling vineyards, Renaissance castellos and, of course, ...

Hawke's Bay Notes

Published: 3-Aug-2011
As Allison Levine continues her tour of New Zealand's wine regions, follow this website for Anthony Dias Blue's tasting notes on wines from each appellation. This month, we feature Hawke's Bay.

The House in the Woods

Published: 25-May-2011

The Big Chill

Published: 21-Apr-2011


Published: 24-Feb-2011

Blue's Best Buys

Published: 20-Jan-2011

The Pink of Perfection

Published: 20-Jan-2011

Best Spirits of 2010

Published: 14-Dec-2010

The Rock Star of Scotch

Published: 7-Dec-2010
WITH A LOOK REVAMPED TO MATCH ITS ICONIC TASTE PROFILE, PREMIUM BLENDED CATEGORY LEADER DEWAR’S IS A BRAND ON THE RUN Brands have personalities. Some are has-beens, some are wannabes, some are ...

Rock Star of Scotch

Published: 30-Nov-2010

Blue's Best Buys

Published: 5-Nov-2010

Brava Cava!

Published: 4-Nov-2010

Madeira, My Dear

Published: 7-Oct-2010

Blue Best Buys October 2010

Published: 6-Oct-2010

Castle on a Hill

Published: 29-Sep-2010

Blue Best Buys

Published: 10-Sep-2010

Blue's Best Buys

Published: 23-Aug-2010

Blue's Best Buys

Published: 9-Jul-2010

When Lightning Strikes

Published: 9-Jul-2010

Blue Best Buys

Published: 11-Jun-2010

Under the Tuscan Sun

Published: 11-Jun-2010

Blue Best Buys

Published: 20-May-2010

More Blue Reviews

Published: 16-Apr-2010
In addition to the Blue Reviews that appear in our print edition, here are scores and notes on additional wines I have tasted over the past several weeks. —Anthony Dias Blue

Blue Best Buys

Published: 15-Apr-2010

The French Connection

Published: 15-Apr-2010
Four French winemakers dig into California terroir

A Rival for Burgundy?

Published: 11-Mar-2010
The crisp, juicy, herbaceous and, yes, aggressive style of Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough has become a standard for this white variety throughout the world. The mention of the words “wine” and “New ...

Blue's Best Buys

Published: 8-Mar-2010

The Perfect Vacation

Published: 7-Mar-2010
It was hot, steamy and noisy as we pushed our way through the crowd of vacationers in the San Jose del Cabo airport. Three full planes had landed at once, and chaos reigned. We had about 15 bags ...

Blue's Best Buys

Published: 5-Jan-2010

New Gin-eration

Published: 5-Jan-2010
America’s artisanal distillers bring new life to gin

Luck of the Irish

Published: 7-Dec-2009
Whiskey is an ancient delight on the Emerald Isle

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