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September 2011

Clear Vision
By: Jenny Adams
THE WORLD’S FIRST AÑEJO CLARO TEQUILA, DON JULIO 70 IS A TRUE CATEGORY INNOVATION In this day and age, it would be redundant to mention that tequila is no longer relegated to shots, slugged down with ...
Pulp Art
By: Ben Weinberg
ARTISANAL CIDER IS THE PRIDE OF BRITTANY AND NORMANDY Cider, or fermented apple juice, is traditionally made in England and Ireland, as well as Spain, Germany, Argentina and Australia. But France is ...
Temecula: Tasted
By: E. C. Gladstone
When E. C. Gladstone visited Temecula wine country for the story in our September, 2011 issue, tasted wines at a wide range of Temecula wineries.
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