October 2011

Recipe from "The Drink and the Dish"

By: Bridget Albert

In our October issue, in Bridget Albert's "The Drink and the Dish" column, we printed an abbreviated recipe for Marinated Mussels with Beer Crème Fraîche and Hop-Pickled Apples by Chef Will Preisch of The Bent Brick in Portland, OR. Here is the complete version of the recipe.

Marinated Mussels with Beer Crème Fraîche and Hop-Pickled Apples


5 lbs. mussels
16 oz. Upright Brewing Four*

Steam cleaned mussels in beer over high heat until they open. Place in refrigerator to cool, reserving  cooking liquid. Shell cooled mussels, reserving shells for presentation. Place mussels into a tall container and add marinade; marinate 6 hours to 2 days.


Chef Will Preisch construction the dish.


16 oz. Upright Brewing Four*
4 oz. malt vinegar
1 oz. whole-grain mustard
4 oz. canola oil

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, whisk loosely to incorporate.  

Beer and Mussel Crème Fraîche

Mussel cooking liquid
2 cups crème fraîche

Reduce mussel cooking liquid down to 2 oz. Cool. Whip crème fraîche lightly with a whisk to gain body, about 2 minutes. Fold in mussel reduction. Season with salt and lemon juice. Transfer to a squeeze bottle.

Hop-Pickled Apples

1 lb. apples (Braeburn or other firm, semi-tart apple)
2 oz. malt vinegar
2 hop buds (Santiam if possible)
Sprinkle of salt

Peel, core and quarter apples. Place all ingredients in Cryovac bag. Place in Cryovac machine and draw a vacuum on full pressure. After 2 hours, cut apples into brunoise (1/16-inch cubes). Store with pickling liquid.

To serve:

Squeeze a dime-sized dollop of beer and mussel crème fraîche in a mussel half-shell and add marinated mussel. Top with pickled apples and crispy bacon.

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