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November 2011

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International Bar-Hopping: ICEBAR Oslo with Bar Manager Monica Berg

By: Rachel Burkons

THE TASTING PANEL's Rachel Burkons recently caught up with ICEBAR Oslo Bar Manager Monica Berg, who told us all about the latest crazes in Oslo, and how people are getting cool with cocktails in a bar made of ice. It's may be cold, but Monica's got some great stuff up her sleeves to keep you warm!

THE TASTING PANEL: What's going on with the cocktail scene in Oslo these days? What are some of the current trends, and how are you putting them to use at ICEBAR?

Monica Berg: Oslo is quite "young" still when it comes to having a cocktail scene - but luckily we are slowly getting there. I think we are still trying to find our own ways and style, but you can definitely see bartenders being influenced by other cities such as NY, London and Tokyo.

New Jersey Is New to Creative Cocktails

By: Warren Bobrow
There was a time in New Jersey when you'd have to drive into NYC for an interesting cocktail. No longer. New Jersey mixologists are creating a national following with their flavor-driven creations. Even small-town cocktail lounges are emulating a big city intellect as mixology ideas flow from behind the bar.

We visited with a two local mixologists who are creating fall-centric cocktails in the Garden State.

Q & A With George Sandeman

By: E. C. Gladstone
In the November issue Editor-at-Large E. C. Gladstone sat down with George Sandeman to talk about the future of port, as well as its past and present use in cocktails, and even what type of glassware suits certain ports. See the November issue for the story, but read the interview below!

THE TASTING PANEL: Sandeman has a remarkable family legacy, but that legacy is one of being a forward-thinking trendsetter and market leader. How do you balance the tradition of the Sandeman name with a sense of the present and future, in terms of drinkers' interests.

GEORGE SANDEMAN: As always, Sandeman is attentive to the shifting tendencies of the market and the consumers´ preferences. One good example is the ongoing initiative of "Founders on the Rocks," which we are promoting in the USA. The objective is clearly to bring Sandeman Port to consumers in a way which fits their lifestyle. It's a new way of enjoying Founders for people who are not afraid to experiment.

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