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May 2010
Bringing Home the Silverwith JOSE CUERVO TRADICIONAL

Retailers of New Jersey

MEDEA is the Message: Medea Vodka is the First Vodka for the Digital Age

Cover Story
Bringing Home the Silver with Jose Cuervo
By: Natalie Bovis
The van bounces along a dirt path off a small road in the countryside of Jalisco, and our little group is gaily recounting the previous night's adventures in Guadalajara, fueled by tequila cocktails ...
MEDEA is the Message
By: Ralph DiGennaro
Medea is the First Vodka for the Digital Age ". . . as the fine spirit loosens your tongue, the world's first interactive bottle unleashes your inner poet, your inner philosopher, your inner flirt." ...
Retailers of New Jersey
By: Michael Roney
Somewhere between the turnpike and parkway lies the truth about New Jersey- a state so diverse that it both confirms and confounds all of the stereotypes. And if it's truth you're after, what better ...
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