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October 2009

Jay Wright is Constellation's Astronomer of Commerce

UpFront with Karl Wente

DFV's 181 Brings Sexy Back to Merlot

Korbel's California Brandies Keep a Long Tradition Alive

Gloria Ferrer's New Sparkler is All About the Wine

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181 Brings Sexy Back to Merlot
By: Rachel Burkons
Whatever you may think about Merlot, its reputation or its source, Delicato Family Vineyards’ 181 Merlot is out to prove there’s nothing sexier than a great American Merlot with sultry French roots ...
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Absinthe:The Green Fairy is Back
By: Anthony Dias Blue
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Cover Story
Constellation's Astronomer of Commerce
By: Deborah Parker Wong
Constellation's Jay Wright has the future in sight.
Editor's Letter
From the Editor
By: Anthony Dias Blue
Welcome to the Unfriendly Skies
Old Brand, New Brandy
By: Daedalus Howell
Korbel's California brandies keep a long tradition alive.
UpFront: A History of Innovation at Wente
By: Zack Dickson
Leading Wente Vineyards is 5th generation winemaker and winegrower Karl Wente, who takes both an artistic and a scientific approach to crafting wines How’s this for a stake in the ground: Wente ...
Sparkling Wine
Va de Vi
By: The Tasting Panel Editorial Team
Gloria Ferrer's new sparkler is all about the wine.
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