May 2008

The Twisty is Here

By: Anthony Dias Blue
Introducing the twisty. Since the screwcap is still the object of some controversy in the industry, we thought it might be useful to indicate in Blue Reviews, and in other stories throughout the magazine, which wines come packaged with twist-off caps. They’ll be marked with the twisty icon.

For those who love the convenience, the ease of use, the hygiene and the zero-percent chance of cork taint that screwcaps provide, the twisty icon will be a useful tool in making your selections; for those who romanticize outdated technology, who like that expectant “pop” to be part of their wine experience and who enjoy the sport of wrestling the cork out of the bottle, it will also be useful. We aren’t taking sides, just offering a service.

A warning: Wines without the twisty are probably stoppered with natural cork, but some of them might use plastic doodads. We have not devised an icon for those abominations.

The Crystal Beverage Awards
There is less than a month remaining to enter your wine, beer, bar and specialty cocktail lists into the running for the Crystal Beverage Awards. We are gratified by the number of entries we have already received, but we hope, if you haven’t already entered, that you will give this new competition a spin. This is especially true if you are proud of your by-the-glass list, your wine bar list, your bar program, your cocktail list, your dessert beverage list or your sake list. Go to for further information and entry rules. The deadline for entries is May 31.

 . . . And One More Thing
I can’t tell you how thrilled we all are by the unsolicited outpouring of emails and other feedback we’re getting, letting us know how much you are enjoying THE TASTING PANEL. This issue begins our second year, and as we move into the future, we look forward to bringing you many more news items, reviews, trend stories and in-depth coverage—all in an interesting, colorful format. As Frank Bartles and Ed James used to say: “. . . and thank you for your support.”


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