September 2007

Liquid Lingerie

Between the Sheets is a shake-and-strain
drink that goes in a chilled cocktail glass,
getting ¾ oz each of the following: Beefeater
gin, Bacardi white rum, Cointreau and
lemon juice. Strain in and garnish with a
twist of lemon peel.

A stir-and-strain drink, the Crystal Slipper
Cocktail also goes in a chilled cocktail glass.
Starting off with 1½ oz Bombay Sapphire gin,
½ oz Bols blue curaçao and 2 dashes of Fee
Brothers orange bitters. No garnish necessary.
A drink similar to another cocktail except
for the measurements, Silky Red Panties is
a shot chilled and strained with ¾ oz vodka,
½ oz Dekuyper Peachtree schnapps and ¼
oz cranberry juice. Make enough for a few
shots while you’re at it!

Add a splash of Grand Marnier to the ice
in the shaker, then rinse through and strain
out. Then add 2 oz Tanqueray Sterling vodka
and chill and strain in a cocktail glass. Garnish
with a twist of orange peel. There you
have it—L’Orangerie.

This next tall drink goes in a dark-stemmed
Martini glass. In a shaker add 2 oz Van Gogh
Dutch chocolate vodka with ¾ oz Chambord
black raspberry liqueur and ¾ oz Godiva
white chocolate liqueur. Shake till cold, then
strain into the glass. Garnish with 2 chocolate
legs. Yummy. There’s nothing quite like
a Black Stockings Martini.

The Nightie Lifter goes in a rocks glass
fi lled with cubed or cracked ice and is a
shake-and-strain over ice drink. Add 1½ oz
Maker’s Mark bourbon, ¾ oz Hiram Walker
blackberry brandy and 1 teaspoon of Arrow
peach schnapps. Garnish with a cherry.

A summery bathing suit type of drink, or
what was left of it anyway. Skinny Dippin’
goes in a tumbler fi lled with cracked ice and
gets 1½ oz Belvedere vodka, ½ oz Amaretto
DiSaronno, ½ oz Bols peach schnapps and
a splash of Ocean Spray cranberry juice.
Garnish with a slice of fresh peach.

A shake-and-strain cocktail, My Dirty
Girlfriend always ends up in chilled
Martini glass. Begin by pouring 1½ oz
Ketel One Citroen vodka, ¾ oz Tuaca, a
pinch of sugar, the juice of ½ a squeezed
lemon and a splash of cranberry juice.
Strain in and drip a stream of Midori to the
bottom of the glass. Garnish . . . well, she is
the garnish.

Stir and strain this next drink in a cocktail
glass. In a shaker of ice, pour ¾ oz each of
the following: Ouzo, Marie Brizard Parfait
Amour liqueur and the ever-herbal Green
Chartreuse. Open your mind to the Blue
Negligee and allow this palate conundrum
to tease the senses.

Pour the Strawberry Stripper in a short
Collins glass fi lled with cracked ice. Start
with 1½ oz strawberry schnapps of your
choice, close to fi ll with cold orange juice
and top with a dash of cold cream. Garnish
with a slice of fresh strawberry.

A little old-fashioned, but I like that style.
This could be a late-night drink or a midmorning
waker-upper. The Velvet Dress is
a shake-and-pour-over-ice drink going in
an Old Fashioned glass fi lled with cubed or
cracked ice. Start with ¾ oz Korbel brandy,
1 oz Kahlúa, ¾ oz Dekuyper triple sec and
end with 2 oz of cream. Good night . . . or
good morning!

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