October 2007

What’s New- Proof of Luxury

By: The Tasting Panel Editorial Team
The long line-up of flavors from Absolut has been an on-going success for the Swedish vodka brand. We especially like the mixability of some of the newer expressions: Absolut Pears, Absolut Apeach and Absolut Ruby Red—and cocktail creations inspired by them blur the lines of reality with fantastic, colorful and aromatic results.

The clear bottles (except for the crimson Absolut Rasberri package, which gives a hint at what is inside) allow for an unhampered, transparent visual. But it is still left to the senses to smell, taste and decipher each flavor profile.

In the brand’s latest line extension, ABSOLUT 100, the liquid is encased in a mysterious black sheath with silver letters. The tag line “Extravagance has a dark side” is the 100-proof’s introduction to the world—the Absolut World, created to suggest an existence where everyday living goes against our perception of reality.

Philosophers have argued about absolute truth for centuries. However, the liquid philosophers at THE TASTING PANEL have determined that Absolut 100’s truth is its proof of luxury: an almost herbal, spicy entrance on the palate that glides smoothly across the tongue, with a lasting warmth.


Vodka in the Real World?

In an Absolut World, when the clock hits midnight, Absolut 100 would fly off the shelves. In our reality, the competitive search for status means that consumers continue to pay more for spirits every year (spending increased by three percent in 2006, according to Nielsen Company’s Beverage Alcohol Annual Review). High-proof vodka accounts for nearly one-half million cases a year.

Higher proof Absolut 100 is innovative; it appeals to consumers’ curiosity with a phantom-of-the-opera image: What’s behind that black mask? Its higher price tag (SRP $30)seals the deal in the high-end vodka category, encouraging bottle service, with a dramatic presence behind the bar as well.

Mixable but also sippable, Absolut 100 is an unexpected detour—a stormy and sensual one, at that—from a rainbow road of flavors.

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