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By: Meridith May
Concentration, Product Purity and “Extraordinarily Delicious” are the key ingredients in Amoretti® pastry ingredients, Baristella® syrups, Capriccio® Exotic Island Smoothies & Mojito Libre®
Maral and Jack Barsoumian, founders of a line of extraordinarily delicious bar mixes and fruit concentrates
Jack Barsoumian is an organic chemist and cell molecular biologist who has mastered his trade. “I went to the school of Trial and Error,” he quips, but he’s only half joking. After “a quarter million scientific experiments,” his sweet tooth – and his passion for creating masterpieces - overtook his quest to become a surgeon.

Along with his brother Ara (Maufacturing President) and his wife Maral (Marketing President) Barsoumian (CEO), is the creator and founder of a line of unparalleled flavors, earning the United States its first and highly coveted historic World Pastry Championships in 2002 and consecutively in 2004, back to back, a feat that no other company in the world has been able to attain! Drawing upon his immense and encyclopedic knowledge of flavor relationships and profiles, he motivates drinkers to praise the bar as well as the bartenders.

Due to an innovative technological approach that is highly proprietary to the company, Barsoumian has come up with the world’s first whole fruit, shelf stable and ready-to-serve, all natural cocktail mixers, without the need to use any preservatives or refrigeration. Unlike frozen, watery purees that are essentially made from fruit pulp and tons of sugar, or other preserved, acidulated and colored fluorescent mixers, the ingredients of Barsoumian’s Amoretti® labels such as Mojito Libre and Pomegranate are among 1800 creations (and counting) that carry his unique signature of celestial aromas, dense concentrations and above all, unparalleled taste.

Armed with an array of Technicolor fruit and savory components, Barsoumian is changing the spectrum and taste of mixed drinks.

AMORETTI® – The Ultimate Pastry Ingredient Manufacturing Company

The ultimate in pastry ingredients, Amoretti® - the Title Sponsor in the American World Pastry Team Championship - has evolved into the bartending scene.

The Title Sponsorship was bestowed on Amoretti as a salute for the great honor of securing the USA its first-ever world pastry championship (viewed repeatedly on the Food Network). The industry has thus renamed the competition to reflect its gratitude and in 2005, the AMORETTI® National Pastry Team Championship and in 2006, the AMORETTI® World Pastry Championship will lead globally-talented chefs to feats of confectionary prowess.

BARISTELLA® – The Flavorful Light Syrup for Gourmet Beverages

Shelf stable and densely concentrated with natural ingredients, is BARISTELLA® syrups. As priceless and classic as a Van Gogh, the company pays homage to the great painter by applying his famous “Café du Nuit” label to its Baristella® bottles. Once again, the beverage industry nodded its favor, so impressed with what was inside the bottle, it bestowed its First place “Blue Ribbon” on Baristella® during International Competitions in 2002.

Low in calories and grand in flavor, the Baristella products boast no artificial sweeteners and no preservatives. Barsoumian’s innovations have gone so far as to introduce the world’s first sugar-free Baristella flavors without artificial sweeteners, which he refers to as “pure poison.”

The BARISTELLA® “Crema di” Family of products are the perfect topping for cappuccino, ice-blended beverages, liqueur mixes, pastries and desserts.

Primed and ready to turn spirits-based drinks into true-to-taste rainbows in stemware, the line of syrups and concentrates – 1800 strong – have been introduced to the drink scene!

BARISTELLA® CREMA di Pistachio™ syrup was the first in the line, created in 1990. Its seductive, smooth creamy foundation interplays impeccably with just the right level of sweetness that allows the pistachio to impart a vanilla nuttiness that’s better than any ice cream.

CAPRICCIO® EXOTIC ISLANDS® are shelf-stable, whole fruit concentrates without preservatives. They start with the whole fruit and dehydrate the critical portion of water to leave a bottle that is 3/4-full (see photo below), instructing user to add water to the line of demarcation.

With 35 flavors in its collection, CAPRICCIO® EXOTIC ISLANDS® are pasteurized for purity and make the ultimate in beverage fruit concentrates.

Instructions to add water are for the purpose of simply re-hydrating the fruit for Capriccio Exotic Islands®  - the ultimate beverage fruit concentrate.


The All Inclusive Mojito Mix Makes a Mint in the Limelight

“The minute you snap off the mint in the garden is a critical time,” noted Jack Barsoumian. “That’s when we gather it for Mojito Libre®.”

Only the freshest, juiciest limes are used and the fresh aroma of concentrated lime and mint is a perfumed dream that ethereally wafts out of the bottle. Bartenders can save time, money and still make a quality drink with pride: no need to waste precious profits by muddling away the minutes.

Mojito Libre® is unlike any Mojito mix we’ve ever tasted. Engineered to a level of uncanny freshness, Jack recommends “racking” the bottle once a day, to augment the integrity of the ingredients in the bottle, as you would a bottle of wine.

The sexy label expresses the passion of Latin dancers: the mix inside formulated in a tango of flavors that are perfect not only for the eponymous Mojito, but Mint Juleps and other tempting drinks calling for mint, lime and simple syrup. One bottle holds the capacity of making 17.1 16-oz. drinks.

King of the Ingredients Biz: Jack Barsoumian has concocted 1800 masterpiece fruit, nut & liqueur concentrates in his line of AMORETTI®, CAPRICCIO®, BARISTELLA® and MOJITO LIBRE®. Here, Jack is pouring BARISTELLA® Crema di Tiramisu™: note the consistency of this rich, finger-licking good, exquisite syrup.

The Barsoumians are opening their 55,000 square foot, state of the art, test kitchen, manufacturing and blending facility in Oxnard later this month.


Distributor SW&S of Nevada encourages bartenders to master the mix with Amoretti®, Baristella®, Capriccio® and Mojito Libre®

Francesco Lafranconi with Jack and Maral Barsoumian at his “test” bar at SW&S of Nevada headquarters in Las Vegas. “Francesco is the best mixologist in the world,” attests Maral Barsoumian. “He is a magician.”

Ask Francesco Lafranconi for a cocktail recipe and he’ll offer up 20. A leading authority on spirits, Lafranconi heads up an innovative educational program for bartenders as the Director of the Academy of Spirits and Fine Service for Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada.

Patterson’s met up with Lafranconi and the Barsoumians at SW&S of Nevada headquarters in Las Vegas, in the “test” bar to whip up some exciting – perhaps preternaturally delicious – drinks, using the Amoretti®, Capriccio® and Baristella® flavors.

“Just from a mixology standpoint, there is a fantastic opportunity here to utilize these brands to make great cocktails,” states Lafranconi. “For instance, you can bring back the standards of the world’s most highly regarded drinks. Use the Amoretti® Pomegranate Juice Concentrate to recreate the original consistency and flavor of grenadine, before it was formulated to contain corn syrup or food coloring. AMORETTI® is the Real McCoy!”

The Mary Pickford

1-3/4 oz Matusalem Platinum Rum

1 oz Pineapple Juice

1/4 oz AMORETTI® Pomegranate Juice Concentrate

1/4 oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass

Garnish: pineapple and maraschino cherry on the rim

“Café a la Pistachio”

1 oz Cruzan Single Barrel Rum

1 oz Starbucks Coffee Liqueur

1 oz heavy whipping cream

1/2 oz BARISTELLA® Crema di Pistachio™

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass

Garnish: Pistachio-rimmed martini glass, swirled with AMORETTI chocolate syrup

Ciroc’s Bacchus Martini

1-1/2 oz. Ciroc Vodka

1 oz. Cellar No.8 Zinfandel

1/4 oz. BARISTELLA® Wine Blossom™ (orange flower water-flavor, with an exotic Asian spice)

1/4 oz AMORETTI ®Pomegranate Juice Concentrate

Fresh juice of half lime

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass

Garnish: orange twist and sprinkle of fresh nutmeg

Tequila Mockingbird: This luxury drink combines Patron Platinum Tequila with BARISTELLA® Wine Blossom™ and BARISTELLA® Fiori di Sicilia, made from a combination of flowers that grow along Mt. Aetna in Sicily, blended with over 100 other flower varieties.

Photo TAN: With a dose of Tanqueray No. Ten imaGINation, and a pour of BARISTELLA® Green Tea, you can create a botanical marvel.


Lawrence on the Spot

At the Aladdin’s High Limit Casino, BARISTELLA® & AMORETTI® beats the odds

Playing $100 minimum tables or up to $10,000 max, the average customer at the Aladdin’s High Limit Casino requires a high end beverage.

Lawrence Taylor is ready, and creates drink recipes from scratch, on the spot, winning points with his discriminating clientele.

“I love to experiment with flavors,” notes Lawrence, who has tended bar for eight years in Vegas. “I dream about recipes in my sleep. When my guests are ready to try something new, I ask: do you want it sweet? Sour? With bourbon? With vodka? That’s when I get creative.”

His gift for quick mixing is matched by an uncanny trait of remembering his customers’ taste profiles. “The face equates with the drink,” he muses.

Lawrence has attended Francesco Lafranconi’s Academy of Spirits and Fine Service and is familiar with flavor characteristics of spirit brands as well as the quality mixers that make superlative drinks. He is a fan of Amoretti® and Baristella®, and is open to tasting and learning about the line extension.

The High Limit

2 fresh lemons

Fresh raspberries

1/2 oz.Amoretti® Raspberry

Sweet & Sour mix

1 oz.Absolut Raspberri vodka


AMORETTI® is a Wynn, Wynn Situation

Armando Rosario can be found at the Wynn Hotel’s Parasol Bar in the main lobby. Fluent in Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French and English, the multi-gifted bartender can speak to just about any guest who bellies up to this world-caliber bar.

At the Wynn Hotel, bartender Armando Rosario utilizes Amoretti® and Baristella® syrups to develop his world-class, award winning recipes.

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