April 2012

Going Eurocentric


Teamwork in Austria

Domäne Wachau is situated on an historic property on the north bank of the Danube in Dürnstein, in Austria’s small but prestigious Wachau region. A unique and longstanding relationship exists between the winery and approximately 250 growers, forming the only cooperative in the valley. The winery controls the vineyard practices and the growers are rated on a point system.

Their philosophy is to work in the vineyards to create the basis for great wines and let them develop in the cellar through “benevolent neglect.” The result is superb wines that beautifully express the unique terroir.


Impressive Burgundies

Since 1825, Domaine Faiveley has developed one of the most impressive vineyard holdings in Burgundy, and is today among the largest owners of classified vineyards in the Côte de Nuits, Côte de Beaune and Côte Chalonnaise. Today, led by Erwan Faiveley, the family’s goal is to continue increasing the firm’s holdings of great vineyards so that there can be complete control from vine to bottle across the entire range of wines. Along with this focus, Erwan Faiveley and General Manager Bernard Hervet have renovated the cellars, and now boast state of the art barrel presses, custom-designed wooden vats and among the finest, air cured oak casks available in the world.


Unparalleled in the Rhône

Parallèle 45 from Jaboulet is the Côtes du Rhône that has built the reputation this region as producing the greatest values in fine French wine. Since the 1950s, “P45” has competed head-to-head with wines from France, Italy, Spain and the New World, defending its reputation as France’s greatest value red wine year after year. Under Jaboulet’s new owners, the Frey family, Parallèle 45 is reaching even higher quality levels. In 2007, Jaboulet vineyards passed qualification for reasoned agriculture, including vineyard management, fertilization and vine treatments. This first step to obtain double certification ISO 9001/ISO 14001 indicates Jaboulet’s commitment to sustainable vineyard practices.


A Spanish Red for Everyday

Brilliant garnet color with aromas of wild berries and light hints of vanilla, René Barbier’s Mediterranean Red presents a soft entrance, with tannins of medium structure and some licorice notes in the aftertaste. Blending tradition with innovation, these fresh, modern wines, including Mediterranean White and Mediterranean Rosé, are from Spain’s Penedés region.


Microterroir in Chile

With the discovery of Carmenère in Chile in the 1990s, the Silva family applied their five generations of working the land in the Colchagua Valley to further study, experiment, nurture and, ultimately, master this somewhat finicky grape. In collaboration with the University of Talca’s Vine and Wine Technological Centre, Casa Silva, led by winemaker Mario Geisse (known in the region as the “King of Carmenère”), embarked on a three year study. This study, the first of its kind in Chile, was designed to determine scientific evidence of differing levels of quality in various locations of the valley. The findings of this “microterroir study” have paid dividends for Casa Silva and resulted in a special Microterroir bottling, which truly represents the best of the best in Carmenère.


Hog Wild in Tuscany

La Maialina celebrates the history, culture and cuisine of Chianti, a region famed for its beautiful landscape of green, gentle vineyard-covered hills, olive groves and cypress trees. The earliest documentation of a Chianti wine dates back to the 13th century, when viticulture was flourishing in the heart of Tuscany. The name La Maialina, meaning “little pig,” references the Cinta Senese heirloom breed that originated in the Siena area during the 1300s, when viticulture was flourishing in the heart of Tuscany. Today, Cinta Senese is only Tuscan native pig to survive extinction, and lives on within the wines of La Maialina. “Gertrude,” a blend of 45% Sangiovese, 25% Merlot and 30% Cabernet that reflects the winery’s strength and diversity.


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