August 2011

Uno, Dos, Tres Equals Magnifico

By: Meridith May
123 founder David Ravandi.

David Ravandi and I go back about 14 years. I met him on the very first day I became Editor of a California-based trade publication called Patterson’s Beverage Journal, the magazine that eventually evolved into THE TASTING PANEL.

Although my palate was a bit less educated then, I do remember the succulent agave notes of a tequila he had co-founded: Casa Noble. It was the ultra-premium first of its day.

Ravandi, who also has a genius for marketing, invited me to lunch a month or so ago (he knows my fondness for great restaurants too) to be among the first to write about his newest endeavor, 123 Certified Organic Tequila (Uno Dos Tres). I can tell you about the volcanic soils on which this 100% Blue agave is grown on pristine, sustainable estate fields, or the legend for which the spectacular dream-like artwork is weaved on the packaging, based on an Aztec goddess. Up-to-date, the bottles are crafted from recycled glass and labeled with recycled paper and natural soy inks.

But I think that our readers will find it even more constructive to realize the superb flavor profile of the three expressions. In the June 2011 issue, I scored the 123 portfolio with a 96, stating it as “one of the highest quality silvers that I’ve tasted.”

I encourage you to discover these textured, earthy beauties for yourself.

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