March 2014

View from a Bar: Zelicks, San Marcos, TX

By: Anthony Head


Who's that girl?

Not only is she attractive, but she's obviously got great taste: She ordered a pint of Devil's Backbone from Real Ale, a medium-bodied Belgian-style tripel (8.10% ABV and an IBU of 35.00) that tickles the palate with sweet maltiness and citrus. A wonderful choice, my lady. I'll have one, too. (And throw in a shot of Jack to steel my nerves.)

Just like how Blanco-based Real Ale Brewing is a great example of the craft-beer quality and sense of place taking place in the Lone Star State, Zelicks is among the growing bar movement in Texas that's really and sincerely saving numbers of historical buildings, especially gas stations, and then showing them respect by only lightly refurbishing them for their new lives.

All the stars are aligning. I think I'm going to try and sit with her. I certainly hope this goes somewhere . . .

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