February 2014

Who's Serving What: Lush Wine & Spirits, Chicago

Sherry was once an extremely popular drink, but then fell out of fashion. Now, the team at Chicago's Lush Wine & Spirits is confident that sherry is making a comeback!

The rare Alexandro Palo Cortado at Lush Wines & Spirits.
Owner Mitch Einhorn and GM Mindy Trafman are excited to turn their customers on to the many ways to enjoy sherry.  The diversity of this solera-aged fortified wine is what Lush loves the most, including its range from dry to sweet.

Lush always has a few sherries available for sampling and they offer an extraordinary, rare sherry by the glass on their wine bar menu, Alexandro Palo Cortado. In addition to this, other favorites include Lusteau East India Solera, Toro Albala Fino, Valdespino Manzanilla and Bodegas Tradición 30 Year Oloroso.

Bartenders all around the city, country and world are embracing sherry and incorporating it into specialty cocktails, adding complexity with a splash of nuttiness, citrus and salinity.

At Lush, a cocktail is served made with bourbon, Maurin Quina and Alexandro Palo Cortado sherry. They also do something called The Sherry Fizz, made with gin, Valdespino Manzanilla sherry, Bar Keep Baked Apple Bitters and a ginger beer splash.

The Sherry Fizz at Lush.
Another reason Lush believes the popularity of sherry will continue to rise is because of its amazing ability to pair with food. Crab, olives, almonds, cheeses, Serrano ham, flan . . . the list goes on. Tapas and other Spanish-inspired dishes can be heightened with a great sherry pairing, including the Serrano ham and mushroom crostini that Lush serves at their wine bar, which they pair with Alexandro Palo Cortado.

Mitch Einhorn is even transferring his love of sherry into cocktails at Chicago's Twisted Spoke, which he owns as well. They currently mix up a cocktail with Templeton Rye, apricot, amontillado sherry, honeycomb and lemon zest.  They've also offered a PX sherry and champagne drink with brie-stuffed dates.

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