February 2014

Who's Serving What: Love Potion Number 9

By: The Tasting Panel Editorial Team

For Valentine's Day, Mercadito Grove and  Avenue B in NYC will be mixing up The Love Potion Number 9, which was created by Mercadito's beverage partners  Tippling Bros. This cocktail features Tequila Reposado, dark rum, pomegranate, brown sugar syrup, lemon and lime. It's festively pink for the occasion and delicious!

 Love Potion Number 9 

yields 25 drinks

1 bottle of Corzo Tequila
1 bottle dark rum
1½ quart of brown sugar syrup
4 fl oz. pomegranate juice
16 oz. brown sugar
10 limes
10 lemons

Heat water and dissolve brown sugar. Zest limes and lemons into punch bowl, making sure all skin is inside. Cut lime and lemons and squeeze into punch bowl. Add syrup and stir. Add pomegranate juice and stir everything. Serve with a bit of fruit in each glass.

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