April 2014

View from a Bar: Broken Spoke, Austin

By: Anthony Head

The last time I visited the Broken Spoke, August 2010, it was still something of an outpost on Lamar Boulevard. A gen-U-ine honky-tonk with nothing much going on around it. Today, Lamar is unrecognizable amidst the ejaculation of construction everywhere. Overshadowed by condos, the Spoke is an outpost no more. It looks more like a survivor in this new and continuing gentrification of Austin.

The inside of the Spoke, however, hasn't changed a lick. It still feels good and honky-tonky. Like many of the best things in life, it survives. Jack Daniel's has been going strong for 148 years; Lone Star for 130 years. And the Broken Spoke has been on Lamar for 50 years. Me? Well, that's none of your damn business, pardner. Age means nothing when you're living the Lone Star Life. I'll see you down the road (no matter what the road looks like).

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