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Issue: September 2013
View from a Bar: Triple Crown, San Marcos, TX

by: Anthony Head


You know this place. You may not have been inside, and you'll probably never get to the Triple Crown, but you know this place. The barkeep calls everyone "hun" and she always turns down the jukebox in order to watch—and bid on—the Showcase Showdown on "The Price is Right."

It opens, thankfully, at 8 a.m. The sunrise patrons are just as likely to be drinking coffee as alcohol. For me: Jack Daniel's on the rocks, back it up with a Sierra Nevada. I like to work at the Triple Crown, although it can be dark as depression inside. Others update Facebook, look for day jobs, or just hide out.

When the phone rings, it might be for you. So be sure to let the barkeep know when you order whether or not you're there.
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