October 2013

View from a Bar: Entrada, Grand Junction, Colorado

By: Anthony Head


Wow! If you could just see outside you'd be astounded. An hour south of Grand Junction, Colorado, this is God's country. Towering red rock and granite mountains, stately cottonwood trees, and clear cerulean skies. And there's Entrada Restaurant at Gateway Canyons Resort (yes, the public is welcome). Although the lobby bar is nothing much more than a service bar, it's stocked with great local products.

Such as: Standing Wave Pale Ale from Grand Junction's Kannah Creek Brewing Co. Medium-dark aromas herald the arrival of assertive yet giving flavors of malt, cereal, and toffee. The spicy-hop finish puts a wonderful cap on the drinking experience, just like the light blanket of snow atop the surrounding mountains. But there aren't great views of the outside from this bar, so you'll excuse me while I take my beer outside.

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