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Issue: December 2013
View from a Bar: Mi Tierra, San Antonio

by: Anthony Head


Some of the most important men in Texas have dined behind me, in the legendary Mi Tierra. With shiny green, yellow, and red streamers and twinkle lights overhead, the main dining room always feels like Christmas. In front of me, too, is a San Antonio landmark: this beautiful ornate bar crafted of dark, rich wood. I've spoken to a lot of important men in the dining room, but it's here—with that eagle in front of—it's here where I meet some of the most interesting men in Texas.

I shook hands with Kinky Freidman once in this bar and he remembered the last time we had met, which was three years in the past. Imagine how many faces he's encountered in that time. That's why, whenever I visit Mi Tierra, I always drink a shot of Man in Black Plata in a toast to my friend Kinky.

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