August 2013

View from a Bar: Banger's, Austin

By: Anthony Head


Yeah, it's all about the sausage for most people who visit Banger's, a raucous, oversized joint on Austin's Rainey Street. They serve a lot of different kinds, like duck, chicken, pork, and antelope. Me? I go to Banger's for the beer. They serve a lot of different kinds, like ambers, farmhouse ales, stouts, and IPAs.

There are a lot of taps to choose from here, with excellent selections from all around the world. But today I choose to stay close to home: a draft of Fireman's #4 Blonde Ale from Real Ale Brewing Company from the tiny town of Blanco, Texas. Some nice aromas of grains and fruit lead to a crisp, medium-bodied mouthfeel. It's light and drinkable and especially refreshing during the hot Texas summer. I can't report, however, whether it pairs well with antelope sausage.*

*Our intrepid View from a Bar reporter is a committed vegetarian. —Ed.

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