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Rachel Burkons
Associate Editor Rachel Burkons is responsible for managing THE TASTING PANEL's distribution and mailing list, copy-editing and proof-reading, among many other tasks. She also frequently writes features and departmental pieces for THE TASTING PANEL, as well as hosting segments of the "Taste Buds" radio program.

Authored Articles
Spritz the Sunset
Published: 11-Sep-2012
Wines Worth Barking About
Published: 11-Sep-2012
Spritz the Sunset
Published: 3-Jul-2012
TY KU: Saké’s Warrior Brand
Published: 30-Apr-2012
International Bar-Hopping: ICEBAR Oslo with Bar Manager Monica Berg
Published: 17-Nov-2011
THE TASTING PANEL's Rachel Burkons recently caught up with ICEBAR Oslo Bar Manager Monica Berg, who told us all about the latest crazes in Oslo, and how people are getting cool with cocktails in a bar ...
Mix-Off, Online
Published: 12-Oct-2011
TY KU AND THE TASTING PANEL VIRTUALLY TEAM UP IN THE REALM OF SOCIAL MEDIA Since THE TASTING PANEL doesn't deliver under rocks, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to you that the new world of ...
Market-Fresh Mixology
Published: 23-Aug-2011
Shake & Bake
Published: 29-Jun-2011
A Night at the Beach
Published: 25-May-2011
The Composing of a New Collection
Published: 24-Feb-2011
The Tradition of Tohu
Published: 27-Sep-2010
In the Maori tradition, family, guardianship and the Earth Mother are guiding principles and a way of life. Tohu, New Zeland's indigenous winery that pays homage to the Maori way of life in everything ...
UpFront with Alma Tequila
Published: 8-Apr-2010
In Jalisco, one family has been producing some of the smoothest tequila for generations. Now, thanks to a two-man team, the U.S. is getting a chance to discover Alma Tequila.
Pernod Ricard Raises the Bar
Published: 7-Dec-2009
The BarSmarts program makes mixologists from bartenders It takes a lot to get a few hundred of the top mixologists in Los Angeles to gather at 8:30 in the morning, but sure enough, in two conference ...
UpFront with SVEDKA Vodka
Published: 1-Nov-2009
SVEDKA takes vodka-lovers to the year 2033 and vodka's fun-tastic future
Casa Noble: Tequila's Modern Classic
Published: 30-Oct-2009
Casa Noble earn Organic certification by doing what it does best: making classic tequila
181 Brings Sexy Back to Merlot
Published: 29-Oct-2009
Whatever you may think about Merlot, its reputation or its source, Delicato Family Vineyards’ 181 Merlot is out to prove there’s nothing sexier than a great American Merlot with sultry French roots ...
Southern Wine & Spirits’ 40th Anniversary
Published: 1-Jun-2009
Mahatma Ghandi once said, “You must be the changeyou wish to see in the world.” In 2008, Southern Wine and Spirits ofAmerica took a giant step toward change for the wine and spirits world.As part of ...
The Cult(ture) of BevMo
Published: 11-Nov-2008
photos by Jenn Farrington
It’s Not Easy Being Green
Published: 31-Oct-2008
Cava Kudos
Published: 21-Jan-2008
It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Crystal
Published: 10-Dec-2007
Discovering the contemporary side of Waterford