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Martin Bihl
Martin Bihl is founder of 7419 LLC and has developed breakthrough and award-winning creative for brands ranging from micro-brews to global spirits, from wine coolers to high octane energy drinks-and just about everything in between. You can continue this conversation with him at

Authored Articles
An Independent Spirit
Published: 12-Jun-2011
MICHAEL COLLINS IRISH WHISKEY GOES ITS OWN PATH Above: At Huckleberry Bar in Brooklyn, NY, co-owner Stephanie Schneider mixes an orange-laced Michael Collins cocktail. Thanks to Huckleberry Bar for ...
Calling All Vikings
Published: 15-Feb-2011
DIAGEO'S NEW RÖKK VODKA LAUNCHES MARKETING STRATEGIES WORTHY OF THE NORSEMEN by Martin Bihl photo by Doug Young Smirnoff is one of the most famous brands in the world; Ketel One is the bartenders' ...