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E. C. Gladstone
Based in Los Angeles, E.C. Gladstone writes about food, wine, luxury and travel for Orbitz,, Wine & Spirits and Tasting Table among many others. He has held Contributing Editor positions at Niche Magazines ( Ocean Drive, VEGAS) and, and in a former life covered Hollywood for US Weekly. His wine satori came in the form of a '66 Petrus, aged 30 years in the bottle.

Authored Articles
Follow the Leader
Published: 28-Jan-2012
Most Inspired Bartender
Published: 28-Nov-2011
Q & A With George Sandeman
Published: 2-Nov-2011
In the November issue Editor-at-Large E. C. Gladstone sat down with George Sandeman to talk about the future of port, as well as its past and present use in cocktails, and even what type of glassware ...
Sandeman in the Mix
Published: 27-Oct-2011
Temecula: Tasted
Published: 7-Sep-2011
When E. C. Gladstone visited Temecula wine country for the story in our September, 2011 issue, tasted wines at a wide range of Temecula wineries.