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Toasted What?

While walking the rows of barrels he noticed a “TH” marked on the heads of all the barrels, this signifying that the heads of the barrels were toasted. That is when he decided to name his new Chardonnay after the barrels in which they were fermented and aged…..

His new found chardonnay also needed a great label which was inspired by an illustration in a book of poems “Speaking Fire at Stones” by Williams Carpenter. After finding this inspirational illustration he then had Robert Shetterly commission an original painting for the Toasted Head Label.  While John Giguiere has retired from the winery, Barry Bergman, General Manager & Esteemed Director of Winemaking, has been with the brand since its inception and maintains his commitment to innovation and excellence with every vintage.

In the new world of Constellation (recent acquisitioners of the brand from Vincor), we sat down with Brian Cameron, Western Division Vice President of sales for Centerra Wine Company, one of four operating company’s under Constellation, and owners of the iconic brand Toasted Head.

"Toasted Head is an excellent fit into the Centerra portfolio," quotes Brian Cameron.  TH vertically integrates into our current portfolio giving us an ultra premium brand to sell along with the other super premium and value wines, which  include Robert Mondavi Private Selection, Ravenswood, Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi, Vendange, Cooks, Arbor Mist and others.  Toasted Head is a very attractive brand that has been built on its image and cult-like following.  In a short period of time Toasted Head has become one of the top selling ultra premium brands nationally.  Our main objective is to continue with the success that the brand has had and build from there.  Constellation has had very good success integrating brands into their selling divisions without disrupting the market or the integrity of the brand.  There has been a lot of passion behind this brand since its inception and the wholesale network that sold the brand took complete ownership of Toasted Head to assure its success.  We hope to carry on that passion and take the brand to another level.”

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