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Jindalee Estate: Victor of Victoria

“Yes, there are so many critter labels now,” Vince Littore told Patterson’s. “But our lively friends took the spotlight on our bottles since we started in 1997. And in the Australian wine business, that’s considered a while ago!”

Making wine drinking easy – on the palate as well as on the eye – is no challenge for Vittore. Jindalee estate is one of the largest privately owned vineyards in Southeastern Australia. Located in the Murray Darling region, it boasts over 1400 acres of land, producing almost a million cases (1/3 of which is imported into the U.S.).

Adding even more simplicity is the recently repackaged new finish: screw caps. “This is a first,” Vittore pointed out. “Jindalee Estate wines are the first and only Australian wine brand in its competitive category to come in screw cap closures.”

Standing out in a crowded wine market is an effort for some, but the Jindalee menagerie (Platypus, Turtle, Gecko, Fish and Snake) pops in Technicolor clarity.


Up-to-the-Minute Technology

Advanced growing techniques allow the Jindalee Estate to produce quantity and quality. “We’re extremely efficient,” Vittore notes. Becoming one of the more successful family-owned grape growing companies in the area, Jindalee Estate and Vittore family prides itself on seeing their own fruit, in their own bottle, with their own distinctive brand.

“Being family owned, we love what we do, but we also have to see ourselves as a business,” Vittore claimed. “At the end of the day, being in the wine business is the best kind to be in: It’s about meeting people and immersing yourself in what you love doing best.”

Up-to-the minute technology plays a significant role in producing fruit from over a thousand acres, but Vittore’s greatest pleasure comes from knowing the greatest benefits are the end results. “We’re making wines for the consumer,” he insists. “We appeal to people who enjoy drinking wine. With Jindalee, it’s not about how long to lay down a bottle of wine; but it should be about laying it down in the back of the car, taking it home, flipping off the screw cap, and drinking it while you’re cooking dinner.”


The Jindalee Varietals

Nurtured by Nature

Jindalee 2005 Sauvignon Blanc (the Platypus) is a dry white with sassy hints of gooseberries and passion fruit. Lovely acidity plays it role, winding its way vibrantly with lovely melon notes to a playful final touch.

Jindalee 2005 Chardonnay (the Fish) is unique, and reflects a steely citrus character up front, softening to a buttery finish. Charming combination!

Jindalee 2004 Merlot (the Gecko) is somewhat chameleon-like: Teasingly fruity and ripe, mischievously spicy and layered with vanilla oakiness on the finish.

Jindalee 2004 Shiraz (the Turtle) slowly transforms from its peppery up-front character, blossoming with sweet berry fruit in the middle and taking its time, gaining ground with a long vanilla and mocha fait d’accompli.

Jinedalee 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon (the Snake) winds its way through the palate with rich nuances of strawberry ripeness. Soft, juicy and balanced, American oak adds sweet chocolate to the luscious combination of mint and jam.

(SRP $6.99 / American Wine & Spirits)




 “We’re a genuine winery,” Vince Littore firmly attests. “Frederick Wildman would never have taken us in their portfolio if they thought we were anything but.”

The Founder of Jindalee Estate, along with his brother David, hail from Geelong in north-western Victoria. The Jindalee range of full fruit flavor and easy drinkability is made from fruit grown in the estate’s own Murray Darling vineyards near Mildura.

IMAGE: Jindalee’s estate vineyards in Victoria’s Murray Darling region. The name Jindalee is an aboriginal term for “bare hills” flanking the Murray and Darling rivers.


IMAGE: Vince Littore and his wife Jane

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