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A Sunbeam in Honey -Olivier Krug Unveils the Krug 1995 Vintage

Meridith May

Hermon was speaking with Olivier Krug – the next generation in the family’s business – in French, at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, and what little I could pick up, I leaned in close to jot down some notes. Later, Hermon would translate for me, his impression of this stunning wine.

“It’s the texture that I evaluate first,” Hermon looked closely at the glass and its sweep of bubbles. “The minerality is not extreme and the bubbles are fine and refined. The Champagne’s viscosity travels through the palate – I just love the way it’s made. That’s why I came here today: To experience this.”

Well, he said it and now my job’s done; there’s your story.

Photo A: Fredric Hermon, Sommelier of the Hollywood Roosevelt with Olivier Krug


Krug 1995 – We Waited For You

Every year since 1843, Krug Champagne has been blended by a member of the Krug Family. No two harvests have ever been alike, and perhaps it is truly in the genes: the memory and the taste that proves itself again and again.

Krug is synonymous with Prestige Cuvées, and with that reputation is reality. With its unrivalled stocks of reserve wines, Krug can draw from this liquid library to use these great vintages within its blends. Six years later, the blend will emerge. Sometimes longer.

And then there is Krug Vintage, declared only in selected years (the last one was in 1990). The blend only contains wines from that year and 1995 is exclaimed to be “the ultimate approach in luxury” by Olivier Krug.

“We look for perfection – the balance between intensity and elegance,” notes Krug as he pours us a glass of the 1995 for the first time. “This is a wine of complexity and freshness. Krug should be a discovery: like the wonderful people we meet along the way in our lives.”

I sit and sip with Olivier Krug, time traveling six generations. Krug Champagne lovers often confess experiencing the ability to reach surreal dimensions.

“When I drink the ’95,” Krug adds, “I think about that year: I remember the warm sunshine, the cool September nights; I recognize it in this glass.”

Someone described the ’95 to Olivier Krug as “a sunbeam in honey with a touch of ginger.” We recognize that imagery long after we sampled the vintage, and will retain it until the subsequent sip.

Photo 2: Bottle Image

Photo 3: Glass with roses


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