Introducing…Michael Collins, Ultra-Premium Irish Whiskey

Presented as “The Heroic Spirit,” Sidney Frank Importing Co., Inc. introduces the specially crafted Irish whiskey named in honor of this legendary man, warmheartedly nicknamed “The Big Fellow.”
Produced at Ireland’s only independent Irish-owned distillery – Cooley – Michael Collins Irish whiskey is produced in the pot still process, Ireland’s oldest traditional distillation method.
The architect of Ireland’s Treaty of 1921, Michael Collins’ signature – replicated from this historic legislation from which modern Ireland emerged – is found on the neck of the elegant decanter-like bottle.
Michael Collins Irish Whiskey blend is aged longer in barrel than other Irish whiskeys, offering plump waves of honey and orange rind, with malty mocha notes and a long, sweet oaky finish. It is aged for a minimum of four years to over 12, in small oak casks.

Michael Collins Irish Whiskey Single Malt is double distilled in pot stills from malted barley, some of which is dried over peat fires. It is aged from a minimum to 8 to over 12 years. Its luscious texture is both round and soft. Notes of cereal and cream explain its malty character, while hints of a generous nutty burnished citrus quality leads to a smoky backdrop, prevailing on the finish.

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