Herradura Updates Its Extra-Añejo Selección Suprema Bottle and Package

Casa Herradura has announced that it has refined the primary and secondary packaging for its high-end extra añejo Selección Suprema tequila, to reflect the craftsmanship, quality and authenticity of the first ever extra añejo in the industry.

New packaging for Herradura Selección Suprema reflects the tequila's craftsmanship, quality and authenticity.

The new package features a beautiful earth-tone box with a bi-fold opening, bearing the brand's iconic horseshoe on the bottom right panel. The center interior of the box props and cradles the bottle on a fitted pedestal. Once opened, the bi-fold panels display the story of this exceptionally smooth tequila handcrafted using time-honored traditional production methods and aged for 49 months in American white oak barrels. Although the glass structure remains unchanged, the bottle's subtle design refinements include a real copper finish metal die cast horseshoe, a copper neck band, a brand mark update and an authenticating strip label signed by Master Distiller Maria Teresa Lara.

"The refinements are meant to better reflect the quality and sophistication of the tequila within and align the packaging with the rest of the Herradura brand family," says Valdemar Cantu, Herradura's Brand Manager.

The new packaging was designed by Johnny Cardenas, Design Director for Brown-Forman. The new Selección Suprema package will begin shipping this month and will be available in fine wine and spirits stores by late October.

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