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Morry’s Glory

Thanks to the dedication of the two Managing Partners – Chris Buddress and Shaun Crowley – Morry’s is in its glory.

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Tempting wine labels of recognizable and coveted producers line the shelves, arranged by varietal or country. A Baby Grand piano is almost undetectable, covered in scented candles, charming wine-related accessories and hard-to-find collectables for oenophiles. Once hooked inside this tempting vinous snare, there’s more: A tasting bar and restaurant is steps away.

Deep, plush velvet divans and dark oak tables and walls offer up a Bohemian flair to the back room. Enjoy a five-star dining experience. Buy a bottle from the store and pop it open with friends amidst a gourmet meal. Or, belly up to the bar and choose from 16 ever-changing wine selections by the glass.

“We are reaching beyond the limits of what the wine and spirits retail industry has accomplished so far,” said Buddress. “There are so many aspects to the wine culture that comes with a stigma: fear of not knowing what to buy, what you’re drinking or how to communicate about wine with your friends. We’re here to help, to educate, and to inspire a relaxing atmosphere for all of our customers.”

Buddress and Crowley, both under 30, have the foresight to seek change and thus better the experience for their clientele. Buddress watches his customers ooh and ahh, not only at wine labels, but the variety of wine ‘toys’ available for sale. “We’re fortunate to be in a prosperous and beautiful community here in Naples. We’re on an island surrounded by multi-million dollar homes – why not provide the area with a polished venue?”

Morry’s of Naples is the future of wine retail, catering to the novice and connoisseur, led by two young, impassioned visionaries who we’ll want to keep tabs on for a long time to come.

PHOTO A: Chris Buddress and Shaun Crowley have much in store for the future of the wine retail industry


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Growing Brands at Morry’s

From the small family winery to the top names in the industry, Morry’s hand selects the right fit for its clientele. Josh Peoples, the Winemaker at the small but elegant Napa Valley Chateau Boswell came down to Morry’s to deliver some of his latest vintage of his Cab, Syrah and 1999 Bordeaux blend, ‘Jacquelynn,’ named after his wife. “These guys tell a great story about what’s behind the wine,” Peoples pointed out. “They are ambassadors for the wineries and I know I personally feel confident about the way they represent our label.”

Photo B: Chris Buddress of Morry’s with John Peoples, winemaker for Chateau Boswell, a small, but prestigious family winery in Napa Valley.


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Cheer Leader: Pommery Champagne gets an Exclusive

The honor of qualifying as the exclusive bubbly at the bar was bestowed on Pommery. It was Madame Louise Pommery who, over 125 years ago, created an innovation which broke the bubble on Champagne style, devising the first Non Vintage Brut on the market. The pioneering continued, renewing the Champagne world. The House’s most recent innovation is the introduction of Pommery POP a couple of years ago, marketing Champagne to a younger crowd who would experience the sparkler in a split size (187ml) through a straw.

“Pommery has supported us well with holiday campaigns and we will display the brand and pour flutes of this superior Champagne through Valentines Day,” explained Morry’s Co-Managing Partner, Shaun Crowley.

Added Chris Buddress, “From all the Champagnes we have tasted this year, Pommery’s portfolio offers the A through Z of profiles.”

Photo C: Jason Hayes and Earle McCutchan of W.J. Deutsch represent Pommery, the exclusive Champagne pour at Morry’s wine bar.

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