SUSHISAMBA Takes a Stand on Bluefin Tuna

Even though a proposed ban that would have restricted commercial fisherman from further harming bluefin tuna was rejected earlier this year at a UN Conference, SUSHISAMBA is taking a stand. 


SUSHISAMBA has decided to remove bluefin tuna from all of its menus nationwide. Managing Partners Shimon Bokovza, Matthew Johnson and Danielle Billera announced the restaurant group's No Blue campaign to support the growing worldwide movement to protect the fish, an endangered species that researchers estimate could become extinct within the next 10 years.

  The No Blue campaign ban covers all bluefin tuna, including otoro tuna and chu toro tuna. Western Atlantic bluefin tuna, in particular, are in deep peril. Rampant commercial fishing has reduced the mature population by 80 percent since 1970. Despite this, the U.S government is proposing to increase the catch in the Gulf of Mexico, the only known spawning area for bluefin tuna in the western Atlantic Ocean.

Furthermore, SUSHISAMBA is working closely with its purveyors and CleanSeas, the world leader in sustainable aquaculture, to establish a sustainable seafood program at all of its locations. In addition, the SUSHISAMBA website ( includes a link for customers to sign a petition against harmful fishing practices that kill bluefin tuna.

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