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In the fast growing town of Edwards, Colorado (Vail’s neighbor to the west) “Dish” is the latest creation of managing owner Pollyanna Forster and financial director/owner Chris Irving.  The Dish menu changes daily and all items are made to order.  On the wine list each bottle is only $25.00 over retail and over 15 wines by the glass are offered for flat rates of $8.00 for reds, $7.00 for whites and $7.50 for sparkling.
Dish serves small plate “tapas” style selections that average around $6.00 a piece.  Pollyanna explains the approach, “I don’t want price to be the major deciding factor. We want to encourage tasting… we want people to feel like they can branch out.”  After being seated, a server will tell you the story of how tapas came into being in Spain as she serves “the original” which is, shaved Serrano ham and a cube of manchego over a sherry shooter.  The selections run from simple; “buffalo bratwurst” grilled and served with house-made sauerkraut to sophisticated; “beef tenderloin” seared and served carpaccio style, with lemon oil dressed arugula and red onion ice cream.
The wine list has 112 selections of high quality wines leaning toward boutique wineries and overall varietal depth.  Dish also has a healthy selection of Champagnes and sparkling wines from Penedes, the Veneto and California.  Cocktails are made with fresh squeezed juice and unique spirits.  The “Lycee Yum Yum” melds lycee liqueur, 14’er vodka (made in Colorado) martini and ginger essence and the “Loco Lemon” – Lemon Grass Dry Soda and local vodka.
Over two years ago, Polly and Chris opened “Eat!” a gourmet food shop and wine bar, situated downstairs from Dish. Opened at the same time and right next store to Eat is “Drink!” a wine shop filled with high quality, uncommon wines.  Dish is the natural extension of the theme.

The daily menu of small “dishes,” the wide selection of affordable wines and creative cocktails synergizes into a new dining experience where the customer will always be able to satiate his culinary desires.  In the words of Pollyanna, Jenna and Chris, “Your palate is important to us.”

 Pollyanna Forster, managing partner of DISH, EAT & DRINK!


Bob Larson, Sommelier, CSW

Dish, “a deceptively simple dining experience” The Corner @ Edwards, 56 Edwards Village Boulevard, #230, Edwards, CO 81632,,  970-926-3433.   

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