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Cloud Nine For The Palate

A successful liqueur has the ability to singled out from the crowd, possessing a memorable taste profile and texture. Sipped alone or in combination with other spirits or mixers, the following passed the test for our editorial team in both instances.

We all encounter different experiences on Cloud  Nine: whether it’s a sweet sensation or a bitter twist, liqueurs should capture a novel liquid phenomenon.
100 Liqueurs – Phillips Distilling

From the company that invented Schnapps, Phillips Distilling introduces the line of 100 Proof Liqueurs, blends of grain neutral spirits, pure water and sugar.  The naturally flavored liqueurs are the next generation for the family of flavored schnapps that Phillips has produced since 1935, when a company salesman noticed a saloon patron dropping peppermint candy into his whiskey.

From that first Peppermint Schnapps to the first Cinnamon Schnapps in 1981 and Root Beer Schnapps in 1984, the new 100 Proof liqueurs are hand crafted and blended.

Blue 100 is peppermint flavored; Hot 100 is cinnamon flavored; Root 100 is our pick for best new flavor, a brisk, hearty root beer; and Black 100 is an intensely flavored herbal liqueur.

Pama Pomegranate Liqueur

With pomegranate juices flying off shelves and used as mixers, there’s finally a liqueur made from California pomegranates. Although PAMA has been around for most of 2006, we continue to be in awe of its crimson brilliance, sweet but tart personality, vast utility – and charm.

We love sipping the Pomegranate Mojito at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, but we’re also crazy about the Pama Negroni! The combination of gin, Pama Pomegranate Liqueur (replacing Campari), sweet vermouth and a lemon twist will keep your customers’ mouths puckered on date night.


DOOLEY’S Original Toffee & Vodka Cream Liqueur

The world’s first and only toffee cream liqueur, as opposed to coffee, chocolate, or those with artificial flavorings, Dooley’s is all natural, and uses only the purest Swiss toffee caramel.  And the cream comes from Holland, yet surprisingly, Dooley’s – as rich, thick, and smooth as it is – has up to 50% less fat than other cream liqueurs on the market today.

Part of the secret to Dooley’s silky texture can be found in the fact that the toffee caramel is actually infused with triple distilled and triple charcoal filtered vodka during the distillation process. 

The result is a low 35 proof toffee cream liqueur that spirits writer Richard Carleton Hacker refers to as “flowing from the bottle like molten silk, and melted within this thick toffee elixir is the sweet caress of milk chocolate and caramel.” 

Jimmy Osuna, Western Division Mgr for Behn of North America shows his supply of Dooley’s at Costa Mesa’s Hi Time Cellars.


Alpine Tradition

Haus Alpenz, a boutique spirits importer, has recently introduced two Austrian liqueurs to the North American market (

Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur draws its flavor, color and nose from the fruit of the Arolla Stone Pine. Alpine farmers ascend Austria’s most forested regions: the high peaks of Steiermark and then pick the fruit from the Arolla pines during a three-week harvest in July. Amply textured, good clarity and not too overpowering. May even cause yodeling.(750 ml SRP $40)

Lauria Alpensahne Alpine Cream Liqueur is bountiful will alpine milk and cream, Pear Williams brandy and its distinct texture derived from a blend of regional mountain pears. Thicker and weightier than most cream liqueurs, with a distinct caramel back.(SRP 750 ml $30)

These après ski liqueurs are featured at Aspen’s Little Nell hotel and the exclusive Caribou Club as well as Vail’s luxurious Sonnenalp hotel, known for its Austrian influences.


Tequila Rose Cocoa Cream

We all got to know Tequila Rose with her strawberry cream and splash of tequila. Her naughty twin is Tequila Rose Cocoa Cream. Use of the word “decadent” is allowed here, a sumptuous treat that speaks the language of chocolate with bravado. Try it in vanilla-flavored vodka or make a cream soda by mixing with club soda and Half & Half.

 Zen Green Tea

Zen Green Tea Liqueur is in line with today’s green tea attitude. Although steeped in tradition, the art of tea is an ancient tradition in Asia, but infused in a liqueur for the first time, cocktail lovers can now achieved, well…ZEN!

From selected Kyoto high grade green tea leaves, Zen Green Tea Liqueur includes a blend of premium herbs for a refreshing, pungent and mixable potion.

Imported from Japan, but suited for the most creative new generation of cocktails, we love the “Zen & Tonic,” squeezing fresh lime juice with tonic water and ZEN Green Tea Liqueur.





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