Bordeaux Varietals Tasting - January 25, 2016

The Panelists (left to right): Jessie Birschbach, Wine Editor, The Tasting Panel; Naureen Zaim, Wine Director, The Eveleigh; Scott Reesman, Sommelier, The Lobster; Marianna Caldwell, Sommelier, Baltaire; Jesus Evangelista III, Wine Director, Scarpetta at The Montage; Rebekah Turpin, Sommelier, Culina; and Michael Ploetz, Director of Food & Beverage, The Peninsula Beverly Hills.

On January 25th, we invited some of Los Angeles's top sommeliers to join us for a blind tasting, with only one clue as to what was in the glass: Bordeaux varietals. Listen in on this podcast to hear all about the wines, complete with tasting notes and a few guesses. Cheers!

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