New Nightlife Platform NightUp Assists Venue Owners

NightUp is a full-service nightlife platform that streamlines event promoting which is available both online and as a mobile app. The platform provides users with detailed information on venues and promotions, based on valuable information received from relationships with venue owners and promoters.

Once a user picks a venue for their night out, they are able to make reservations, book their bottle service and pay in advance through their phone or desktop, without having to speak or negotiate with a representative.

Increase Sales

Not only is NightUp beneficial for the users, it is also a valuable tool for venue owners. Through this platform, owners are easily able to promote their events and venue to thousands of nightclub goers, increasing the number of customers and increasing their revenue. With the ability to sell and promote cover options and bottles effortlessly, as well as list products for users to browse through and purchase, vendors can cross promote deals and increase the odds of purchase.

Additionally, vendors have the option to create and market unique specials or discounts exclusively for NightUp users. Finally, NightUp only takes a percentage of a customer's first transaction, once the nightclub goer is in the door, any additional revenue goes directly to the vendor. They also handle all credit card processing, which means they also handle disputes and back charges.

Manage Events

Gone are the days of playing phone tag with customers, having empty tables or having to give away a free bottle because a reservation fell through the cracks. NightUp provides every vendor their own unique live management portal, making it easy to view and keep track of reservations, check guests in and redeem bottle purchases at the door. Additionally, through the portal, owners can increase or decrease available tables in real time.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Say good bye to counting receipts and organizing payouts at the end of the night. When a vendor promotes their event through NightUp, they will receive a detailed report outlining and analyzing the night's transactions. The report includes who attended the party, how much money was made and what offerings (bottle service v. open bar) made the most money.

Additionally, the report gives insight into which products were top sellers, and which ones flopped. Finally, NightUp provides vendors with the ability to input their revenue split percentage between the promoter and venue, which will then calculate the revenue share.

For more information, go to nightuplife.com.

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