Waiwera Artesian Water Announces Multi-Million Dollar U.S. Expansion Plan

BRANDCO , the Los Angeles-based beverage marketing company is proud to announce that it has acquired the distribution rights for Waiwera Artesian Water in the U.S., as well as for Mexico and the Caribbean. Founded in New Zealand in 1875, Waiwera Artesian Water is the Southern Hemisphere’s oldest brand of bottled water, and is internationally known for its award-winning taste, impressive health qualities, and iconic green bottle. BRANDCO’s initial U.S. expansion plans for Waiwera Artesian Water will focus on growth of on-premise accounts in California and Hawaii, followed by a nationwide rollout during the course of 2010 to 2011. The company plans to invest up to $8 million to market and promote the brand during this period.

“Waiwera Artesian Water is a product that BRANDCO is thrilled to share with the U.S. market,” states CEO of BRANCO, Philana Bouvier. “Waiwera’s industry-leading water quality, award-winning bottle and environmentally-friendly policies make the brand a perfect fit for both high-end restaurants and today’s quality and eco-conscious consumers. Given the recent findings published by The New York Times which question the safety of our nation’s tap water, Waiwera’s market expansion is timely for consumers looking for a clean water solution that not only tastes great, but is safe to drink and has additional health attributes not found in other bottled waters."

Since 1875, Waiwera has drawn its water from an artesian aquifer in one of the purest places on earth, New Zealand’s Waiwera Valley. Carbon dated at 15,000 years old, Waiwera water is utterly free of human pollution and consequently has the lowest total dissolved solids of any bottled water available on the market. Given its outstanding historical pedigree, Waiwera also contains unique health characteristics including high alkaline levels (pH range of 8.5 to 8.9) which not only create its soft taste, but help counteract the damaging acidic conditions within the body and promote rapid healing and recovery.

About Waiwera Artesian Water:

Founded in 1875, Waiwera Artesian Water from New Zealand is the first premium bottled water from the Southern Hemisphere. Known around the world for its award-winning taste, impressive health attributes, and aesthetically appealing packaging, Waiwera Water is a natural product from one of the most untouched places on Earth. Legend has it that New Zealand’s Maori warriors would go to Waiwera to bathe in the waters to recover from the rigors of battle, adding further mythology to the Waiwera story.

Waiwera was voted the world’s best water in 2008 by Decanter Magazine’s expert taste test panel involving a pool of leading bottled water brands from around the world. The Waiwera bottle has won several prestigious design awards including “Best Bottle in Glass” at the Bottledwaterworld Design Awards in Milan and the Gold Medal for “People’s Choice for Package Design” at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Awards.

Waiwera Artesian Water is offered in 500ML and 1L sizes in both glass and PET bottles, with a sparkling offering in 500ML and 1L glass bottles. Waiwera is served at upscale hotels, restaurants and gourmet shops in California and Hawaii. For further information about Waiwera Artesian Water, please visit

About BRANDCO and Philana Bouvier:

BRANDCO is a privately held, Los Angeles-based company that imports and markets premium beverage brands in the US. Since starting her career at Southern Wine & Spirits, the company’s CEO, Philana Bouvier, has been at the forefront of the industry, uncovering the hottest beverage brands of today and tomorrow. Among the many prestigious brands she has helped bring to market are Roberto Cavalli Vodka, Pinky Vodka, Duval and Fever-Tree.


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