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Onwards & Upwards

As American as Apple Pie and Baseball, REDCLIFF Begins its Ascent


Americans have been skewered for having a “Coca cola” palate; that is, we were mostly raised on the sweet, carbonated syrup and therefore, it is believed that our wine and spirits preferences took longer to develop than Europeans who were practically bottle fed on elegant Burgundian or Bordeaux liquid aristocracy.

One thing that we never lacked was American ingenuity, and with the introduction of Redcliff, an herbal liqueur that possesses that familiar cola nuance, the U.S. of A has its own version of the Next Big Thing.

What Jagermeister is to Germany, what Grand Marnier is to France, what Tuaca is to Italy…Redcliff is straight shootin’ for Americana. “It’s like unlocking a door that has never been opened,” says Rodger Reiss, Managing Director for Arcella Premium Brands of this co-discovery with CEO Frank Arcella, the man who created such enigmatic brands as Corazon tequila.

Perhaps Redcliff is the key to a branded American dream. From its southwest graphics to its saddlebag flask bottle shape, the amber spirit contains 15 “serious and mysterious” herbs that remarkably reformulate when mixed with fruit juices, sodas or other spirits.


Cliff Hanger

Redcliff’s Chameleon-Like Mixability will Keep You Guessing

On the nationally broadcast radio show “What’s Cookin’ from the Napa Rose,” host Michael Jordan, GM and Sommelier for Disneyland Resorts’ top on-premise dining spot at the Grand Californian Hotel in Anaheim changed topics from wine to spirits last month to introduce Redcliff to his audience.

Co-hosting the show was legendary wine writer Robert Lawrence Balzer and Patterson’s Editor-in-Chief, Meridith May.

“This is one of the friendliest alcoholic beverages I’ve tasted in years,” commented Balzer, who picked up on notes of coconut, sassafras and tangerine in Redcliff.

Michael Jordan, whose entire staff is sommelier certified, respectfully added, “Redcliff is comforting. Its familiar taste – with hints of spice and vanilla - opens up the nose and palate even more when you add soda.”

Redcliff’s character is pronounced with “The All American,” mixing Maker’s Mark and adding plenty of ice or the “R&R,” a tropical 50/50 blend of Redcliff and rum. Our favorite was the “Cognac Cliff.” Adding Cognac to Redcliff was like introducing Cary Grant to Bridgitte Bardot: the chemistry was “magnifique” and the taste profile was a classic for our culture.

Rather than facing an uphill battle within a field of emerging brands, we predict Redcliff will experience a rapid vault to the top.



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