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Miller Family Wine Company Announced

In conjunction with Thornhill Companies’ 50th anniversary, the Miller Family, who have been farming California’s Central Coast for five generations, has announced the creation of the Miller Family Wine Company.

With regional roots dating back over 100 years, the Miller Family has been key to the agricultural and viticultural development of California’s Central Coast. Today, the Miller Family looks to the future by consolidating many of their businesses across the wine industry under the new roof of the Miller Family Wine Company.

As a new entity that falls under Thornhill Companies, Miller Family Wine Company includes the management of French Camp Vineyard in Paso Robles, acclaimed national wine brands including J. Wilkes, Ballard Lane, Barrel Burner, and Smashberry, Control Label brands with prominent retailers across the U.S., and the leading regional winery facilities of Central Coast Wine Services and Paso Robles Wine Services.

Miller Family Wine Company’s parent company, Thornhill Companies, is led by CEO Stephen Thornhill Broome Miller. Probably best known for his visionary planting and development of the Bien Nacido vineyard in Santa Maria Valley, Stephen was instrumental in realizing the potential in this revered site, which has now been nurtured by the family for over 45 years. Stephen’s sons, Nicholas and Marshall Miller, are also at the helm of both businesses and represent the 5th generation of family leadership. Nicholas and Marshall oversee marketing and operations for Miller Family Wine Company respectively.

“As a family owned and operated business involved in agriculture and the wine business for multiple generations, we value the importance of change and continually seek to evolve as a company,” says Nicholas Miller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The addition of Miller Family Wine Company is a significant step in our overarching plans to grow as a company, while at the same time representing our family’s ties to the Central Coast.”

Adds Marshall Miller, Vice President of Operations, “As our family celebrates fifty years of business, our goal remains the same as it did when the Thornhill Companies was established in 1968: to honor our family’s history, grow the world’s best grapes, and produce the highest quality wines that continually show the strength and quality of the Central Coast."

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