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The "Holy Grail" for Cocktail Ice

Originally founded by Frederic Tudor, America’s one and only “Ice King,” Tudor Ice launches their ickstarter campaign today, aimed at restoring ice’s nostalgic luxury with the introduction of the Tudor Ice Block. 

Designed for the discerning drinker, Tudor Ice is addressing a void in the beverage industry for a premium ice product that is clean, slow-to-melt and purified. The company is giving early backers access to its revolutionary new product. Traditional ice cubes are small; tending to melt quickly. This waters down spirits and cocktails, diluting the beverage. What’s more, ice cubes are found to become easily contaminated with bacteria. As it passes multiple hands from the ice machine to the customer’s table or seat at the bar, it’s exposed to germs.  

In a recent study commissioned by Tudor Ice, one in four restaurants tested proved to have unsafe levels of bacteria in its Ice. The Tudor Ice Block’s unique packaging solves the issue while reducing dilution with its unique size and shape. It preserve the integrity of the spirit, providing a premium beverage experience. The Tudor Ice Block complements crafted cocktails and high-end, single-pour spirits, such as single malts and aged scotches. 

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