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New Vodka Company Finds Brand Identity on the Cheap

The Situation: A start-up in need of a brand identity, Outerspace Vodka, a new vodka company, asked crowdSPRING to come to the rescue.  crowdSPRING is the number one marketplace for crowdsourced creative services. Buyers who need a new logo, website, or other creative content can simply post what they need, when they need it, and how much they want to pay. Then creatives from around the world submit designs for the buyer to review, sort, rate, etc., until they eventually name a winning creative and reward him or her with payment.

The Problem: Outerspace Vodka wasn't just looking for a logo, they were looking for a complete brand identity. They needed a logo to completely brand the company, but they didn't have the tens of thousands of dollars needed for it.

The Solution: Outerspace Vodka turned to crowdSPRING. After naming their price for the new logo ($399), in a matter of minutes they were up and running. They worked to create the right messages for the designers in order to maximize their chances for success. crowdSPRING allows for easy, two-way, dynamic conversations with designers, which allowed Outerspace Vodka to communicate freely and provide valuable feedback to those who were on the right track. The project was open for about two months and out of the 449 submissions they received, Outerspace Vodka was able to choose a logo that they felt was "the one." Armed with a new brand identity, Outerspace Vodka was able to not only use the logo on their packaging but they even turned the logo into the bottle.

The project can be viewed  here.

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