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Ole Smoky Charred Moonshine Debuts


Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine
is entering the premium spirits market with the debut of its first barrel-aged premium product, Ole Smoky Charred Moonshine. The initial batch will be in limited release nationwide this spring, with only 3500 cases spread out over 49 states and the rest available exclusively at the Ole Smoky distillery, known as "The Holler."

"Our mission at Ole Smoky is to bring pure Tennessee mountain whiskey to the world by perfecting the recipes that our ancestors have been working on for over 100 years", says Ole Smoky founder Joe Baker. "We have spent the last five years giving consumers an unaged craft whiskey product in a variety of flavors, and a barrel-aged premium product is a natural next step. We can't wait for America to try Charred!"

Tennessee distillers have been perfecting the art of making mountain whiskey for over a century. While the clear hue of traditional moonshine embodies the process of fermenting and distilling local corn grain inside metal stills, some was stored in barrels to see just how good it could get. Ole Smoky Charred is aged in toasted bourbon barrels for 3-4 months, and then blended for consistency.

At 105 proof, packaged in traditional 750 ml. Mason jars, Ole Smoky's first premium moonshine retails for about $39.95. 

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