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Never too late for a Makeover – Dewar’s True Scotch since 1846

Negeen Amirieh
168-year-old Scotch brand Dewar's has released a new and improved look with a new bottle and different labels but fear not, the tried and true liquid is still inside. Now, the most awarded blended Scotch whisky in history is quite beautiful with a trefoil Celtic knot made imprinted into the glass, which symbolizes the three creators of the scotch: John Dewar and his two sons, John Alexander and Tommy. Each product in the range has a distinctive bottle shape, colors, stoppers, seals and presentation boxes.

This new bottle design is also backed by "True Scotch Since 1846", a global marketing campaign ensuring the historical quality and craft of the Scotch whisky blend. These classy looking bottles are now on shelves in the UK, Spain and Greece and will be available in the US and the rest of the world in a couple of weeks.

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