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Libations App Facilitates Tracking and Sharing Drinks

The new Libations app gives consumers the ability to track and share the consumption enjoyment of multiple beverages in one simple interface.

Libations was conceived when craft beverage-loving employees of mobile development firm Concentric Sky couldn't find an app to track their explorations of the famous Willamette Valley vineyard and distillery scene. Months later, Libations was born. Now partnered with award-winning craft beverages creative firm The LAB, Libations is poised to become the go-to app in 2014 for those who love to drink.

Recently Libations partnered with the last two Caffeine Crawls (Kansas City and Minneapolis). Look for Libations to work with many other high-profile beverage events across the country. New packs arriving any day now include gin, vodka, and tequila, with more on the way.

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