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For all the Sriracha lovers: UV Sriracha

by Negeen Amirieh

Meet a hot sauce lover's best friend: UV Sriracha! UV Sriracha is finally here and now you can spice up your favorite cocktail with Sriracha flavored vodka. After the recent public Sriracha obsession and the partial shutdown of the Huy Fong Foods Sriracha plant this past November, it was time to take Sriracha to another level.

UV Sriracha is made with all natural flavors and has a peppery, spicy taste with just the right amount of unexpected sweetness.  It is has the perfect kick without being too hot and has a nose of red-hot chili peppers and mild green peppers. Surprisingly, UV Sriracha pours clear despite the red glass bottle. Additionally, it is the best vodka for Bloody Marys because it has that ideal kick. However, UV encourages experimentation, including fruity margaritas and even in martinis. A 750 ml bottle of this delicious vodka is only $11.99 and can be found in stores all over the nation.

Sriracha Bloody Mary

1 part UV Sriracha Vodka

3 parts of your favorite Bloody Mary mix

Garnish with celery, pickles or even bacon!    

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