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Del Maguey Appoints Misty Kalkofen as Director of Vino de Mezcal Series

        Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal has created the new position of   Director of Vino de Mezcal Series for Misty Kalkofen. Kalkofen joined the Del Maguey team in 2013 as East Coast Juez with the role of five-state market manager, and of educating trade and consumers on the history, philosophy and customs of the Del Maguey portfolio.

        “The Vino de Mezcal Series has become increasingly significant within the Del Maguey portfolio over the past couple of years,” says Del Maguey President Michael Gardner. 
“As Del Maguey continues to pave the way forward for the craft mezcal space, we are dedicated to being true to our culture through education,” he adds.

         The Vino de Mezcal Series is about bringing limited-production, terroir-driven mezcals from select varietals to the world. Some varietals are wild
; o thers are not. All are celebrated and known to the Zapotec palenqueros that honor Del Maguey with their wisdom.

        Before the notion of Mezcal or Tequila as spirit categories, agave based distillates throughout Mexico were traditionally referred to as “Vino de Mezcal,” with various creations enjoyed for centuries by the earliest cult fans. 

        Misty Kalkofen asserts “The creation of this role can be seen as a natural progression. Over the past couple of years, our Vino de Mezcal Series has grown quickly including the expansion of the varietals we use. We feature eight varietals in our portfolio: Espadin, Tobala, Azul, Arroqueno, Tepextate, Papalome, Barril and Madrecuixe.”

         In addition to the seven Vino de Mezcal’s currently available, new summer 2014 arrivals Barril and Madrecuixe bring the Series to a total of nine expressions.

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