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Blue Nun Repositioned with New Brand Strategy


German winery Langguth Erben has announced that it will reposition Blue Nun, one of the most successful German wine brands around the globe, by targeting a younger, more sophisticated demographic. New initiatives that have already been executed include a revamped logo and updated packaging that reflects the brand's new direction.

Patrick Langguth, Langguth Erben's newly appointed Head of the International Sales Department, will be tasked with revitalizing the company's message, while maintaining its long-standing reputation for quality in winemaking. As an eighth-generation winemaker, Patrick Langguth brings his long-time family experience, as well as a background in International Business Administration from the University of Frankfurt, to his new position. While he will manage all international affairs for the company, his focus will surround the company's premier brand, Blue Nun.

Patrick Langguth, Head of the International Sales Department for Langguth Erben, with the newly repositioned Blue Nun.

Langguth explains, "Blue Nun is a traditional, well-established wine brand that needs a modern touch and a global brand strategy. This is what we are working on at the present. It is important that the tradition of the brand evolves with our family business. To me, this will be driven by our environmentally-friendly development of a sustainable brand identity along with our international focus."

Currently Blue Nun offers three varieties in the United Sates: Blue Nun Authentic White, Blue Nun Winemaker's Passion Riesling, and Blue Nun Sweet Red. Although the products share the same name as the original brand, there have been important changes over the past years. When the Langguth family bought the Blue Nun brand, they implemented a process known as Sichel Superior Vinification, which utilizes a cold fermentation process-meaning the grapes are slowly fermented at a constant temperature, allowing the winemaker to choose when to stop the fermentation process.

Authentic White is a blend of classic German grape varieties and provides consumers a quality product at an affordable price.

Blue Nun is imported by Shaw-Ross International Importers.

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