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PROWEIN 2012: Additional Hall Used For Prowein 2012 Due to Increased Exhibitor Requests

Due to the further increase of exhibitor requests from all internationally relevant wine growing nations, an additional hall will be used for ProWein 2012, International Trade Fair for Wines and Spirits. The event will be held at the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany, from March 4 – 6, 2012. Hans Werner Reinhard, Deputy Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf, commented: “This growing demand impressively underlines the leading position of ProWein. The international wine and spirits sector wants to present a comprehensive overview because ProWein is the only trade fair attracting international decision-makers from retail worldwide.”

The clear and established exhibit structure according to countries will remain. The central Tasting Zone will move into the newly added Hall 7.1 located next to the main entrance. In addition, the organic wine segment which has experienced steady growth over the past few years will also be featured in Hall 7.1. “We are delighted about this strong joint presentation of organically produced wines. Ecological wines are playing an increasingly important role on the international wine scene. With one glance, visitors at ProWein can now get comprehensive information on the innovations offered by this dynamic segment in its new location,” stated Ralph Dejas, Managing Director at ECOVIN GmbH.

With over 3,700 expected exhibitors, ProWein 2012 will once again present a unique, wide-ranging overview of the international wine and spirits market. Suppliers from some 50 nations, including “exotic” wine nations, will presentcurrent wine and spirits ranges to about 40,000 trade visitors from around the world. Along with the classically strong presentations from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria and Portugal, ProWein 2012 will now offer wines from Kosovo for the first time (after introducing wines from Brazil, China, India and Japan in the past). Other interesting newcomers will include the renowned market leaders Fratelli Martini & Gancia from Italy as well as the Irish Food Board in the spirits section. New World countries will also be comprehensively represented and the “Down2Earth” project featuring the wine nations/regions of Argentina, California, Chile, New Zealand and South Africa will again await visitors with numerous information events and tastings.

A special highlight at ProWein 2012 will be the central Tasting Zone (organized in cooperation with Meininger publishing house) where some 1,000 typical regional red, wine and rosé wines will be presented with the motto “Wines of Origin”. This will be an opportunity to discover exciting, authentic wines from around the globe which convey regional cultivation conditions and a distinct wine profile.

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