Cyrus Noble Bourbon Makes Triumphant Return

San Francisco-based Haas Brothers has announced the revival of the historic bourbon Cyrus Noble. Known as the "spirit of possibility," Cyrus Noble was forged in the great West and was the preferred bourbon of entrepreneurs who longed for adventure, exploration and the realization of their personal destiny. More than 140 years after its introduction, Cyrus Noble is now available to a new generation of bourbon drinkers at an SRP of $24.99-$26.99.

  Born in Kentucky and raised in San Francisco, Cyrus Noble was a favorite of miners and mayors during the boomtown years of Californiaʼs Gold Rush, and its popularity skyrocketed during the Barbary Coast era when San Francisco served as the busiest port on the West Coast (1849-1906). The popular libation was named after Cyrus Noble, a prosperous spirits distiller-turned-icon for falling into a vat of his own whiskey.

By 1873, Cyrus Nobleʼs smooth whiskey recipe achieved critical acclaim, and was frequently consumed in minersʼ saloons, as well as San Franciscoʼs upscale homes and bars. As one of several brands owned by Haas Brothers, Cyrus Noble is still known and remembered in watering holes throughout San Francisco - the same historic establishments in which Cyrus Noble will aim to be placed as part of the bourbonʼs rebirth.

"With deep roots in San Francisco, Cyrus Noble celebrates a heritage of passionate and adventurous mavericks who shaped the foundation of this great city," says Haas Brothers National Sales Manager, Jacob Lustig. "Our hope is that this historic bourbon will fuel a new generation of innovative and courageous entrepreneurs and inspire a new wave of authentic self-expression and adventure." 
As an interesting side note, in 1901, a prospector named John Coleman walked into a roaring mining camp. Like many prospectors, he was looking to trade a claim for anything else he could find useful. Coleman ended up trading a claim for one bottle of Cyrus Noble, known at the time as "the best bourbon in town." The claim was developed into a rich mine, called the Cyrus Noble Mine, and yielded over $250,000 in gold.

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