Heineken Light Unveils Latest “Occasionally Perfect” Moment with Handlebar Moustache

Heineken USA today announced the launch of “Handlebar Moustache,” the second film in its new Heineken Light campaign that celebrates consumers’ “occasionally perfect" experiences. The spot is the next step in a holistic marketing effort under the “Be a Man of the World” platform.

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“Handlebar Moustache” officially premiers on the Heineken YouTube channel and Facebook page on July 14 and will begin appearing on national television the weekend of July 16th. The ad continues to reinforce the Heineken Brand’s “Be a Man of the World” platform, following a unique, worldly character as he celebrates the occasion where his confidence and  individuality shine through – the type of occasion that calls for a Heineken Light.

“Upscale, confident men know that not every product is right for every situation. Rather than trying to force our consumers to conform, we are reminding them that Heineken Light is perfect for those situations that are unique and special,” says Lesya Lysyj, Chief Marketing Officer, Heineken USA. “We had a great time making this film and think its wit and unique message will really resonate with our target audience."

  Heineken worked with Wieden+Kennedy New York to create “Handlebar Moustache,” which features a character who’s old-school facial hair gets in the way of everyday situations, such as greeting a woman with a kiss or navigating close quarters on public transportation. It is not until he is accidentally drafted into a bare-knuckle boxing match at an elegant soiree that his moustache truly has a chance to shine. Beckoning cheers from the eclectic crowd, he ultimately defeats his contender. The group celebrates the victory and unique moment by drinking Heineken Light.

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